Ação-chave 2: Cuide e mantenha adequadamente sua rede tratada com inseticida (ITN)

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Ensure families care for and maintain their insecticide-treated nets properly so their nets can protect them from malaria for as long as possible. Insecticide-treated nets are built to last about three years.

Make sure households tie insecticide-treated nets up or fold them to store during the day. Keep children from playing near insecticide-treated nets. When necessary, gently wash insecticide-treated nets with ordinary soap and cold water. Lay washed insecticide-treated nets in the shade to dry. Households should avoid storing food or crops in the same room as their insecticide-treated nets.

Comportamentos a Promover:

  • Tie up or fold your insecticide-treated net, and protect it from sunlight when not in use.
  • When needed, wash your insecticide-treated net with cold water and ordinary soap, rubbing gently.
  • Always dry your insecticide-treated net in the shade, not the sun.
  • Keep your insecticide-treated net away from children while playing.
  • Do not store your insecticide-treated net in the same room where you keep food and crops.


  • Properly caring for your insecticide-treated net will help it protect you for several years.
  • Keeping your insecticide-treated nets out of the sun is important because sunlight destroys the chemical that repels mosquitoes.
  • Keeping your insecticide-treated nets away from children playing prevents tearing your net.

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