Action clé 6 : Terminer l'intégralité du traitement antipaludique prescrit par votre prestataire de santé ou votre agent de santé communautaire

Progression Section :

To fully recover from malaria, follow the prescribed treatment from your health provider or community health worker.

Encourage your community to follow treatment guidelines directed by health facility staff or the community health worker. To ensure malaria is cured, complete the full course of treatment.

Comportements à promouvoir :

  • Follow the malaria treatment prescribed by your healthcare provider or community health worker.
  • Finish the entire malaria treatment.

Messages clé:

  • Finishing the entire course of the prescribed treatment ensures malaria is cured. Do not stop taking the prescription early, even if you feel better. Otherwise, malaria will not be fully cured, and you can contribute to the medicine not working for others due to resistance.

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