Key Action 8: In Some Areas, Encourage Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention (SMC) to Protect Children Under Five*

Section Progress:

In certain areas, especially in the Sahel Region, preventive treatment for young children, called seasonal malaria chemoprevention, is recommended. This preventive treatment helps stop the spread of malaria during the months of peak malaria transmission for young children. Seasonal prevention is important in high transmission areas to protect young children who are especially vulnerable to malaria.

In areas where seasonal malaria chemoprevention is taking place, encourage caretakers to follow the local procedures. Local procedures may include allowing health staff into the home, going to specific locations to collect the medication, administering the first dose of the medicine in the distributor’s presence, and administering the other doses following provider instructions.

Behaviors to Promote:

  • Follow guidelines for seasonal malaria chemoprevention from local government leaders and those administering medications.
  • Children must continue to sleep under an insecticide-treated net after taking the seasonal medicines.

Key Messages:

  • Seasonal malaria chemoprevention is an effective method for preventing malaria in children in certain regions.
  • Follow the health worker’s directions on how to give your child the second and third doses to have effective protection.

*Seasonal malaria chemoprevention is recommended for young children in certain malaria transmission areas. Consult with the local malaria authority on whether seasonal malaria chemoprevention is appropriate and available in your area.

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